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Meet Dr. James Pitarys

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Discovering Natural Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare runs in Dr. James’ blood. The son of two medical doctors, he saw a chiropractor just once as a child. It helped—but his parents didn’t believe him. Years later, he was about to apply to medical schools when his career path took a sudden turn.

He was taking a health careers class when a chiropractor came in and shared how rewarded he felt seeing patients defeat pain without drugs or surgery. That struck a chord.

Dr. James started researching, shadowing chiropractors, and receiving adjustments to learn more. The fire was lit; he knew this was a career he could devote his life to.

From Textbooks to Transformed Lives

Dr. James completed his undergraduate degree at the University of New Hampshire. He graduated with his doctorate degree at the University of Western States in Portland in 2013. He is certified in Clinical Biomechanics of Posture® (CBP®).

While working on his doctorate, Dr. James provided care for the homeless and watched long-term health problems fade from view. Chiropractic care wasn’t just a pretty theory—it was actual lives changed.

Since then, Dr. James has worked with thousands of patients, seen every condition under the sun, and fine-tuned his skill set. He has learned new techniques, like muscle work, and figured out which methods work best for various conditions.

More Real Results Than We Can Count

Some of Dr. James’ patients are doctors at top hospitals, who tell him the medical system has no answers for pain outside of drugs, surgery, and injections.

Many patients felt Western medicine had no solutions for them—and now they’re active and healthy again. Even his parents are now believers after they’ve seen what chiropractic can do.

Dr. James has a son and two dogs. When he isn’t in the clinic, you can usually find him playing golf or exploring in the woods.

Don’t Waste Another Minute on Pain

Schedule your first appointment today. We would love to use our expertise to get you out of pain and back in action.

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