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Chiropractic Care

Whole-Body Wellness Without Drugs or SurgeryDr. James adjusting a patient's neck

Chiropractic care focuses on keeping the structure of the body aligned, so your body can experience health and vitality for a lifetime. Structural alignment and muscle imbalances often cause problems throughout the body, from low back pain to headaches. Bringing the spine and extremities back into position can relieve pain and restore function.

Regular adjustments help you stay active longer, so you’re still doing what you love, even as you age.

Precise Diagnosis and Detailed Care

Our primary mode of care is manual adjustments of the spine and extremities. We use our hands, not instruments, to bring your whole body back into alignment. We are also equipped with a flexion distraction table and soft tissue manipulation techniques. We work on the muscles, spine and joints, addressing the entire musculoskeletal system, not just one part of it.

Our adjustments are safe and gentler than many patients expect. We start with X-rays to enhance the specificity of your diagnosis. We can then use that information to apply precise adjustments, leading to a surprisingly smooth experience that isn’t painful or rough.
Kettle bells and dumbbells

Customized Functional Exercise

Personal training isn’t personal at all if every patient receives the same handout full of generic exercises. We aren’t here to waste your time with cookie-cutter exercises you could have looked up on the Internet. Instead, we’ll design you a plan of corrective exercises uniquely tailored to your body and your needs.

In addition to exercises and conditioning, we also provide sessions of assisted stretching to restore your mobility. Then we’ll teach you self-care techniques, so you know how to maintain long-term strength and flexibility on your own.

Many Techniques for Many Different Conditions

We care for a wide range of conditions, frequently seeing patients with low back and hip pain, stiffness, headaches, and more. Many people come to us after starting a new activity or overexerting themselves during a workout, causing new strains and injuries, while others have been living in pain for years.

Whatever symptoms you’re experiencing, we’ve probably helped someone else with a similar health problem before. Our experience makes us confident that we can review your case and find you the answers you’ve been longing for.

From Pain and Stiffness to a Life Free from Limits

Our patients find freedom from pain without any drugs or surgery. That’s just the starting point. Benefits of our care extend beyond pain relief, to include improved brain to body coordination, balance, and stability.

Dr. James has seen it all. Pain-ridden patients return to recreational activities and working out. Athletes experience better sports performance. Injuries heal faster, and people who had nearly given up hope recover.

Our favorite thing that we hear from patients is that they’re not just going through the motions—they’re enjoying life. Free to pursue any activities they want, they jump full-force into an active lifestyle and don’t look back.

Open the Door to Wellness Today

There’s a natural answer for pain that resolves core issues without drugs or surgery. Schedule an appointment at Alignwell Chiropractic and Movement to experience the difference that chiropractic care makes.

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